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Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan are in a position to export
35 million tonnes of wheat

Frédéric Hénin, Editor in chief, Terre-net

Article published on Terre-net Média

Unless they are hit by bad weather, the countries of the Black Sea region should see an increase in local wheat production with the possibility of selling 11 million tonnes (Mt) more than in 2012 to third countries.

The specialised council meeting of FranceAgrimer on 15th May used information contained in the latest report by the USDA for compiling their first commercial export forecast for the coming 2013/2014 season.

“In the Black Sea region, the water deficit in southern Russia is increasingly worrying but more rainfall is expected in the coming days. According to the USDA, local production will reach 56 Mt against 38 Mt in 2012. The analyst “UkrAgroConsult” have just made a slight revision of the Ukrainian production, 20.16 Mt compared to 20.23 Mt previously. Kazakhstan production is estimated at 15 Mt against 10 Mt in 2012.”

In this context, “the Ukraine has announced that it is lifting its limits on wheat exports. This restriction was introduced in September 2012, after an agreement between the government and the trade sector for an initial volume of 5.5 Mt.” But ultimately, sales amounted to 7 Mt for 2012/13.

Russia has the necessary quantities of wheat to export 18 Mt and Kazakhstan 8 Mt compared to respectively 11 Mt and 7 Mt this year.

FranceAgrimer reports that, globally, the USDA estimates wheat exports at 143 Mt for 2013/2014 (+ 6 Mt compared to 2012/2013), but with an expected 10% decline in wheat exports from the United States.

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Paris, 20 June 2019