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  Focus on issues  

The 2014 Farming incomes
“Misleading figures” says Coordination Rurale

Lucie Debuire, Terre-net Média

Article published in Terre-net Média

In spite of higher incomes in 2014 compared to the previous year, the Coordination Rurale emphasizes the disparities between outputs, the resulting disappointments, and worries about the years to come.

This morning, the French Agricultural Accounts Commission reassessed the 2014 farming income level at €27,200. An increase compared to 2013, France is posting gains within the European ranking. For the Coordination Rurale, “this misleading view is concealing dramatic situations.” Grain farmers, who were supposed to share their prosperity, are now only accounting for 60 percent of the average farming income (€16,400). The union underlines that this year’s extremely dry weather might impact yields and put negative pressure on exports.

“In spite of the declining feed costs, beef producers are not better off with €15,900, and those who believed in the CAP promises in their favor will be disappointed. Reporting incomes lower by 33 percent compared to the average in the 2011-2013 years, hog farmers do not have a fighting chance, even those who produce their feed themselves. Let us hope that the hog pact announced by the Minister will be followed with deeds, to finally break this vicious circle: Cutback in the herd, declining production, rising imports, elimination of breeding operations and of a great number of related jobs.”

Wines: Differences according to marketing modes

For both fruit and vegetables, 2014 was marked by a severe crisis––due to weather and sluggish consumption––aggravated by the Russian embargo. The average income of fruit producers (€13,700) is the lowest of all productions,” decries the union. It reminds us that for producers working far longer than the weekly 35 hours, this is not even minimum wage. “Wine growing is mostly responsible for rising average farming revenues. The identified figure (€51,300) covers significant disparities according to marketing modes. A 2015 good crop could jeopardize this improvement, knowing that four to five percent of the wineries vanish every year,” adds the Coordination Rurale.

As far as dairy farming is concerned, “the sector seems to remain relatively unscathed with a favorable development (€31,000), but this apparent success must be corrected by the number of dairy farmers who stopped operations. The production price of €0.30/liter proposed by dairies and cooperatives is well below the €0.45 that allows making a livelihood in dairy farming, and Coordination Rurale warns that 2015 catastrophic results might be expected.” The union also indicates, “Analyzing results by region shows the danger of specialization which might, based on global price fluctuations, imperil the whole local economy.

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Paris, 21 June 2019