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Are relocators relocatable?

by Frédéric Hénin, Editor-in-Chief, Terre-net

Article published in Terre-net Magazine (n°11)

With a €8 billon surplus for the first nine months of 20111, the latest agricultural and agribusiness foreign trade figures mainly exhibit the regained competitiveness of a key sector of the French economy, driven by a buoyant demand and rising prices.

They also plead the case of supporters for reindustrializing our country in a globalized economy. The chief benefit that would arise would include strong business segments with equitable distribution of the added value between the components to meet our trade balance.

It is worth repeating: One job in agriculture generates seven jobs in manufacturing and services2. This is therefore a word of advice to the believers in an unreasonably greener post-2013 CAP currently under renegotiation.

Tomorrow’s economy will surely be “greener”, but France with its protected countryside, but without farmers and without abundant and diversified agricultural products will cause the unquestionable dismantling and relocation of the agr0food and agribusiness industry.

Yet, thanks to its strengths, our nation represents a solid value to intensify, at its own level, global agricultural production by 2050, as well as build an economy less dependent on hydrocarbons, in order to prevent the excessive climate changes that are afflicting the Black Sea countries or North America, among others.

Another word of advice to manufacturers pleading for relocation, the very ones who, only a few months ago, were threatened by it if they did not comply with the lower price imperative! Because times are changing. Cattle farmers are now in a position of strength to tap into the added value they sorely missed for the past 20 years. And they will get it wherever they can find it!

With higher prices and sparser agricultural products, the new French Cattle Export Group (GEF) is the sign of a new balance of powers between farmers and processors, with farmers willing to preserve their margins by making deliveries to the agribusiness industry closer to consumers. Because the economic crisis is occurring in Europe, not in emerging nations where agricultural and agribusiness demand is strong.

1 Editors’ note: €11 billion for the year 2011.
2 Editors’ note: Estimates regarding job creation in the agricultural sector vary according to experts and methods.

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Paris, 21 June 2019