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momagri, movement for a world agricultural organization, is a think tank chaired by Christian Pèes.
It brings together, managers from the agricultural world and important people from external perspectives,
such as health, development, strategy and defense. Its objective is to promote regulation
of agricultural markets by creating new evaluation tools, such as economic models and indicators,
and by drawing up proposals for an agricultural and international food policy.
  Editorial October 2017 Newsletter :
« Food general assembly, price of butter and Omnibus reform: a busy newsfeed »

Momagri Editorial Board

Current events on agricultural topics are numerous lately. Our monthly letter didn’t escape the current frenzy !

The first part of the French Food General Assembly has ended on the widely shared observation that there are many malfunctions and with a two way exchange where, if public authorities have promised to act, sectors also need to find on their own some of the solutions to their problems. Given that other sectors experience a situation of economic dependency, we developed the idea that an agro-food component for subcontracting law should be discussed in the announced legislative follow up.

Butter aisles emptying, that is a sight that reminds public opinion that the malfunctions of agricultural and food markets are still on the table. Beyond the sole price of butter, it is the unprecedented and staggering gap between the prices of butter and milk powder that is baffling. To us, the true causes of the imbalances in dairy product markets also find they roots in the Leipzig-EEX futures butter market along with the paralyzis of the Commission when a milk powder intervention stock representing only 2% of the annual European production needs to be delt with.

A CAP reform pushes another one out. While the European Commission’s communication concerning the orientations for the debates of the next negociation are expected for next month, the last negociations on the agricultural component of the Omnibus bill just ended. Does this reform bring true answers to the current crisis ? No, to the contrary, it opens the door to a securitization of the agricultural crisis via mutual funds that will now be able to receive public money to constitute the initial contribution to make leverage and draw in new capital from the outside that will be able to take advantage. Enough to make the crisis profitable and to reach the objectives of the Juncker plan ! Then why try to find a way out of the crisis ?

Among the good news, a study on the implementations of doupled payments in application of the 2014 reform shows that a majority of countries (21 out 28 when including Scotland) have used the leniency the Counsel and the Parliament had obtained during the last negociation. Should we see there the beginning of a reconsideration of decoupled payments ?

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  1. « The true causes of the imbalance of dairy products markets »
Jacques Carles et Frédéric Courleux

« La hausse du prix du beurre est au cœur de l’actualité. L’évolution des pratiques alimentaires, des tensions sur les marchés internationaux... »


  2. « Should the Food general Assembly give birth to an agro-food component in subcontracting law ? »
Jacques Carles et Frédéric Courleux

« Le premier chantier des Etats-généraux de l’alimentation s’achève dans une ambiance nettement moins pacifiée qu’il n’avait semblé débuter... »


  3. « The agricultural component of the Omnibus : a reform that paves the way for a securitization of the agricultural crisis »
Jacques Carles et Frédéric Courleux

« Parfois présentée comme une véritable réforme à mi-parcours de la PAC 2014-2020, la négociation du volet agricole du règlement Omnibus vient de s’achever... »


  4. « 2014 Cap application : coupled payments are back in favor »
Frédéric Courleux et Anh Lai

« Les choix d’application de la réforme de 2014 en matière d’aides couplées montrent que, longtemps considérées comme en voie de disparition... »


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