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momagri, movement for a world agricultural organization, is a think tank chaired by Christian Pèes.
It brings together, managers from the agricultural world and important people from external perspectives,
such as health, development, strategy and defense. Its objective is to promote regulation
of agricultural markets by creating new evaluation tools, such as economic models and indicators,
and by drawing up proposals for an agricultural and international food policy.
  Editorial December 2017 Newsletter :
CAP 2020, the propositions in our reupdated white paper « a strategic course for the CAP »

Momagri Editorial Board

For the last Newsletter of the year, we are offering first an article that comes alongside the updated version of our White Paper « a new strategic course for the CAP ». On the basis of the strong lines of our reform propositions for the CAP, we have proceeded to a complete updating with numerous in dept focuses. Our White Paper offers both a global strategic reflexion on Agriculture and a very oprationnal part based on detailed budgetary and economic simulations. Wishing that this way we may keep contributing to a debate on the CAP too often restrictive and conservative, may this read give back the will to think of the future, including for the most defaitists.

As a direct inspiration of some of our propositions, the American farm Bill is also under discussion. If a series of adaptations rather than a full in depth reform is announced, one of the debates focuses on the efficiency of different safety nets for farmers’ income during prolonged periods of low prices for cereals in particular. As analyzed by Hardwood D. Schaffer and Daryll E. Ray from the University of Tennessee in the second article we are offering : during periods of low prices revenue insurances and counter cyclical payments based on a sliding reference are much less effective than countercyclical payments based on a stationary referene price.

The United States, still, have been at the center of discussions during the last WTO ministerial conference in Buenos Aires. Going as far as leaving thenegociation table early, they showed a refusal for agricultural multilateralism which however must not make everyone forget that the current basis for agricultural rules are not the right ones. Therefore, without waiting for a new tenant in the White House, it would be beneficial to take advantage of this open crisis to hear the imperatives of India and the hundred countries represented by them in the Geneva precinct, to think of another software in terms of international agricultural cooperation.

Finally, for the ending, we are relaying a very critical report by Concord, on the strategy and policies of the UE relative to international development. It is neglecting rural economies and local small producers while profiting big companies by treating “agriculture as any other product to be traded”. This network of NGOs calls for a reconsideration because, this policy orientation would be at the root of migratory flows that Euorpe has been experiencing.

The following articles have also been published on our website www.momagri.org :
African agriculture ruined by the European neofree-trade, Jacques B. Gélinas
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  1. « Momagri's white paper "a new strategic course for the CAP" entirely updated »
Jacques Carles and Frédéric Courleux

« While the negotiation on the 2020 Common Agricultural Policy is starting to pick up some speed with the Agricultural Commissioner's communication last November 29th... »


  2. « 2018 FB is expected to be a redo of existing commodity programs: Will that work in an era of low prices? »
Hardwood D. Schaffer and Daryll E. Ray, APAC, 2017

« What is the best safety net for grain producers in a prolonged period of low prices? That is the question Hardwood D Schaffer and Daryll Ray from the University of Tennessee have come up with... »


  3. « Statement by India at conclusion of WTO Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires »
Indian government, Press release, December 2017

« The 11th ministerial conference at the WTO took place in Buenos Aires, in a climate of tensions, the USA contesting more and more openly the multilateralism principle. India, figurehead of developing... »


  4. « What role for (which) private sector in agriculture and food& nutrition security? »
Concord, Report, 2017

« Concord, la confédération européenne des ONG de secours et de développement à laquelle participe notamment Handicap International et Oxfam, vient de produire un rapport très critique sur la stratégie... »


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